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We aim to work in partnership with our clients to most effectively meet their needs



At Service Technique we believe in sharing our experience and knowledge with our clients in a straightforward, approachable manner.  Our wealth of experience gained from over 40 years in this trade means that we can interpret the technical requirements of your project in order to offer the most comprehensive and cost effective solution to meet your needs.


Our aim is to provide you with a first class service from the moment you contact us.


Often that contact arises from a need for urgent help with a repair or breakdown and in these cases we endeavour to respond swiftly and appropriately.


In instances where you are considering a new build or major renovation work, then the earlier that we can become involved in your project the more effective we can be in offering the most appropriate guidance for your needs. 


All of our work is undertaken in accordance with the relevant French Normes in order to ensure that your safety and security are not compromised.


Over the 12 years that we have been registered in France we have built a client base of regular satisfied customers, of all nationalities,  who are always willing to recommend our services to others 


Whatever your requirements, Service Technique are here to help.

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Service Technique

Champ Chattignolle

19350 Concèze




Tel: 05 55 22 81 14

Mobile: 06 19 24 45 03



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