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January 2011


*FREE* Boiler Combustion Analysis *FREE*


Throughout January 2011 Service Technique are offering the opportunity to undertake a Combustion Analysis of your heating appliance and provide a report of the outcome free of charge.



As a pre-requisite to the servicing of a heating appliance it is normal to undertake a combustion analysis of the appliance to be serviced to determine its operational efficiency and safety.  A poorly serviced appliance will not only be using more fuel than is necessary to adequately heat you property but in the worst of circumstances it can be dangerous to the health of the occupants of the property.


Throughout the month of January 2011, Service Technique will offer a free Combustion Analysis and Report upon your heating appliance to all customers who arrange an appointment by either e-mail or telephone.


Why take a chance with your safety.  Ensure that your property and its occupants are protected as best they can be.


Take advantage of this free offer now.


Call 09 62 28 29 77 and tell us that you want to reserve your free appointment or


e-mail your details to Free Combustion Analysis .

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