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Have confidence in your electrics, let Service Technique make them work for you



Whether you are constructing a new property, renovating a home or simply adding another lighting point or socket outlet, it is important that you adhere to the standards and regulations which are in force.  Safety and security in electrical circuits are of paramount importance to ensure that your home or workplace provides a comfortable and protective environment for you and your family.


Service Technique have extensive knowledge of the regulations in force and how these relate to each particular requirement.  We can advise you upon the status of your existing installation and how this can be brought into line with current regulations or advise you on the design of your new property to ensure that it meets the standards to enable you to obtain the connection of your supply from EDF.


Where you may be considering the sale of your property, it has become mandatory from 1st January 2009 to have an inspection and report of the property undertaken by a qualified person, before the sale can complete. 


Service Technique are able to advise you of how your property is likely to fair under such an inspection and, if necessary, propose remedial action that may improve the prospect of the sale.


Whatever your needs, Service Technique are available to meet them.

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