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Service Technique can provide all you need to ensure that your heating boiler remains safe and efficient



Whether it be wood, gas or oil fired, to keep your heating system operating at its most efficient, it is important to ensure that the boiler unit is regularly serviced.


Throughout the course of the heating season the operation of a boiler unit causes it to become 'dirty' thereby reducing its efficiency and safety.  The effect of this can result in increased fuel consumption and hence, cost but may at worst allow the boiler to operate in an unsafe manner. 


It is recommended by manufacturers that a boiler unit should be regularly serviced on an annual basis to return it to within its safe and efficient operating parameters.  In many instances your property insurance will require your boiler to be serviced on an annual basis and legislation is now in place to make regular servicing and maintenance of your boiler a legal requirement.


Service Technique are available to meet the necessary requirements of all of your  breakdown, maintenance and regular servicing needs of all types of boiler units.


Please feel free to contact us to request a cost for either a one-off visit or to enter into an annual service contract for your boiler.


As part of our commitment to the safety of our clients we offer a free, no obligation,  Boiler Combustion Analysis to determine the correct operation of your appliance.

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